Mexican Cinema

Mexican Cinema

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The author's main reason for writing this book, however, is simply to provide an introduction to the Mexican commercial cinema for American and other English-speaking readers. Although the United States has been, and continues to be, a major foreign market for Mexican movies, the overwhelming majority of Americans are unaware of them. Mexican films are restricted to the Hispanic theater circuits and shown without English subtitles; therefore anyone wishing to see a Mexican movie would have to be fairly fluent in Spanish. Such a requisite effectively eliminates almost the entire general audience in the United States from exposure to Mexican cinema.... of the departed Raimundo, whose empty chair forms part of the family gathering.13 In Bustillo Oroa#39;s universe, the family, ... yet a considerably more entertaining one, was represented by the box-office success of Joselito Rodrigueza#39;s / Ay Jalisco no te rajes! ... in mind that Hollywood rarely filmed Latin American themes and when it did, the results were as often as not offensive to ... It was enough simply to have the enormously popular comic on the screen for the film to make money.

Title:Mexican Cinema
Author:Carl J. Mora
Publisher:Univ of California Press - 1989


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