Mexico's Drug-Related Violence

Mexico's Drug-Related Violence

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Drug-related violence in Mexico spiked in recent years as drug trafficking org. (DTOs) competed for control of smuggling routes into the U.S. For at least 40 years Mexico has been among the most important producer and supplier of heroin, marijuana and (later) meth. to the U.S. market. Now, it is the leading source of all three drugs and is the leading transit country for cocaine coming from S. Amer. to the U.S. Contents of this 5/09 report: (1) Drug Trafficking in Mexico: Background on MexicoAis Anti-drug Efforts; Major DTOs in Mexico; Other Groups and Emergent Cartels; Pervasive Corruption and the Drug Trade; (2) Escalation of Violence in 2008 and 2009: Causes; Location; (3) U.S. Policy Response; The MAcrida Initiative. Charts and tables.Ciudad JuAirez is a strategic location for both drugs and weapons trafficking and it has emerged as a key battleground. The dominant Sinaloa cartel has competed for control of the city with the local JuAirez (or Carillo Fuentes) DTO.66 The violence ... Ciudad JuAirez finally began to fall.69 President CalderA³na#39;s crackdown significantly disrupted the cartelsa#39; operations in 2008, and this has continued in 2009.

Title:Mexico's Drug-Related Violence
Author:June S. Beittel
Publisher:DIANE Publishing - 2010-10


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