MicroCMOS Design

MicroCMOS Design

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MicroCMOS Design covers key analog design methodologies with an emphasis on analog systems that can be integrated into systems-on-chip (SoCs). Starting at the transistor level, this book introduces basic concepts in the design of system-level complementary metal-oxide semiconductors (CMOS). It uses practical examples to illustrate circuit construction so that readers can develop an intuitive understanding rather than just assimilate the usual conventional analytical knowledge. As SoCs become increasingly complex, analog/radio frequency (RF) system designers have to master both system- and transistor-level design aspects. They must understand abstract concepts associated with large components, such as analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and phase-locked loops (PLLs). To help readers along, this book discusses topics including: Amplifier basics a design Operational amplifier (Opamp) Data converter basics Nyquist-rate data converters Oversampling data converters High-resolution data converters PLL basics Frequency synthesis and clock recovery Focused more on design than analysis, this reference avoids lengthy equations and instead helps readers acquire a more hands-on mastery of the subject based on the application of core design concepts. Offering the needed perspective on the various design techniques for data converter and PLL design, coverage starts with abstract conceptsa€”including discussion of bipolar junction transistors (BJTs) and MOS transistorsa€”and builds up to an examination of the larger systems derived from microCMOS design.Frequency Synthesis and Clock Recovery Phase-locked.loop. ... (CD), .digital. video.disc.(DVD), .and.hard.disk..All.data. receivers.require.CDR ... RF.signals. are.still.analog. and.require.very.low.phase.noise..PLL.for.this.is.a.wideband.

Title:MicroCMOS Design
Author:Bang-Sup Song
Publisher:CRC Press - 2011-09-14


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