Microfluidics Based Microsystems

Microfluidics Based Microsystems

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This volume contains an archival record of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Microfluidics Based Microsystems a€“ Fundamentals and App- cations held in A‡e ?me-Izmir, Turkey, August 23a€“September 4, 2009. ASIs are intended to be high-level teaching activity in scientific and technical areas of current concern. In this volume, the reader may find interesting chapters and various microsystems fundamentals and applications. As the world becomes increasingly concerned with terrorism, early - spot detection of terrorista€™s weapons, particularly bio-weapons agents such as bacteria and viruses are extremely important. NATO Public Diplomacy division, Science for Peace and Security section support research, Advanced Study Institutes and workshops related to security. Keeping this policy of NATO in mind, we made such a proposal on Microsystems for security. We are very happy that leading experts agreed to come and lecture in this important NATO ASI. We will see many examples that will show us Microfluidics usefulness for rapid diagnostics following a bioterrorism attack. For the applications in national security and anti-terrorism, microfluidic system technology must meet the challenges. To develop microsystems for security and to provide a comprehensive state-of-the-art assessment of the existing research and applications by treating the subject in considerable depth through lectures from eminent professionals in the field, through discussions and panel sessions are very beneficial for young scientists in the field.In this lecture, steady-state convective heat transfer in different microchannels ( microtube and parallel plates) will be ... and viscous dissipation effects, which are generally neglected in macroscale problems, surface roughness effects, and ... will be solved and the variation of Nusselt number, the dimensionless parameter for convection heat transfer, along the ... Microchannel heat sinks, with hydraulic diameters ranging from 10 to 1, 000 I¼m, appear to be the ultimate solution foranbsp;...

Title:Microfluidics Based Microsystems
Author:S. Kakaç, B. Kosoy, D. Li, A. Pramuanjaroenkij
Publisher:Springer - 2010-06-30


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