Microprocessor, Microcontroller & Applications

Microprocessor, Microcontroller & Applications

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Introduction to 8-bit architecture, Memory and I/O interfacing, Concept of programmable peripheral interface (8255), Introduction to software and hardware tools. (Cross assemblers, Logic analysers, Emulators, Simulators)8051 architecture, Comparison with microprocessor, Pin diagram, Clock and oscillator flags, PSW, Stack, Internal memory, External memory, Idle mode, Power down mode, SFR, Counter, Timer, Timer mode, Serial I/O and Interrupt structure.Instruction set and programming of 8051.Interfacing to external world, External RAM and ROM, Display [LED/LCD] and keyboard, ADC a DAC. Memory interfacing, Stepper motor preferably I2C compatible.Buses and protocols, RS 232C, RS 485, I2C, SPI, Modbus.Conceptual study of various derivatives of 8051 microcontroller such as RD, OTP, AVR containing PWM, RTC timer, EEPROM in system programming, Microprocessor supervisory control and architecture of PIC microcontroller.Instruction Set Simplicity a. Reduced instruction set : The instruction set of PIC consists of only 35 instructions. b. Orthogonal (symmetric) instructions : Tine instructions are orthogonal. It is possible to carrv out any operation on any registeranbsp;...

Title:Microprocessor, Microcontroller & Applications
Author:D.A.Godse A.P.Godse
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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