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Raised in Manhattan by her overprotective sex-therapist mother (who wore a€œnine inches of shoulder padsa€), Wendy Spero has always sought excitement in microthrills, the small, strange highs that give her life meaninga€”from finding a strip tease video of her grandmother to selling knives door-to-door. As a little girl, Spero passed the time sniffing fruit-scented markers and breaking up arguments between her imaginary friends. As an adult, in her first office job, she formed an unusual relationship with her boss that involved as much marijuana-smoking as it did mentoring. Called a€œa profoundly funny human beinga€ by Time Out New York, Spero is now a comedian living in L.A., grappling with such grown-up issues as trying to kick her addiction to eating candy in bed and learning how to drive.As it turned out, experimenting with drugs was one of my first collegiate experiences with deductive reasoning. ... I lived in a four-person suite, in a central a€œparty dorm, a€ whose coed bathrooms were permanently flooded with bong water. ... to read things like a€œFUCK YOUR SEXa€ written in huge letters in blue chalk on the sidewalk in front of the admissions building. ... Alisa took it, and for her final project she was asked to produce a unique piercing sound with a familiar household object.

Author:Wendy Spero
Publisher:Penguin - 2006-08-03


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