Mid-Latitude Atmospheric Dynamics

Mid-Latitude Atmospheric Dynamics

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This exciting text provides a mathematically rigorous yet accessible textbook that is primarily aimed at atmospheric science majors. Its accessibility is due to the texts emphasis on conceptual understanding. The first five chapters constitute a companion text to introductory courses covering the dynamics of the mid-latitude atmosphere. The final four chapters constitute a more advanced course, and provide insights into the diagnostic power of the quasi-geostrophic approximation of the equations outlined in the previous chapters, the meso-scale dynamics of thefrontal zone, the alternative PV perspective for cyclone interpretation, and the dynamics of the life-cycle of mid-latitude cyclones. Written in a clear and accessible style Features real weather examples and global case studies Each chapter sets out clear learning objectives and tests studentsa€™ knowledge with concluding questions and answers A Solutions Manual is also available for this textbook on the Instructor Companion Site www.wileyeurope.com/college/martin. a€œ...a student-friendly yet rigorous textbook that accomplishes what no other textbook has done before... I highly recommend this textbook. For instructors, this is a great book if they dona€™t have their own class notes a€“ one can teach straight from the book. And for students, this is a great book if they dona€™t take good class notes a€“ one can learn straight from the book. This is a rare attribute of advanced textbooks.a€ Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS), 2008does affect the orientation of the moist isentropes, hardly affects the mass field at all. ... In the next chapter we will investigate the nature of the mid-latitude cyclone by employing the many diagnostic tools we ... provides a clear derivation of the trigonometric form of the frontogenesis function starting with the algebraic form.

Title:Mid-Latitude Atmospheric Dynamics
Author:Jonathan E. Martin
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2013-05-23


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