Mid Ocean

Mid Ocean

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Mid Ocean is a Novel of fiction by Author T. Rafael Cimino and is about the war on drugs as it occurs in South Florida in the year 1984.Joel Kenyon has lived in his father's shadow for most of his life. Even after his Dad's death, the man's powerful legacy still haunts him at every turn. As he graduates from the U. S. Custom's Academy, Joel is assigned strategic duty in the 'bad-lands' of U. S. drug enforcement, the Florida Keys. Set in 1984, Mid Ocean shows the lives of the sometimes violent drug smugglers and the men and women sworn to uphold the law in this Caribbean 'wild west'. In the end, Joel Kenyon will question everyone, including himself in a quest for what's right and true. It is here that he will find out the sea holds many secrets.The small sheets of transparent plastic contained every circuit board schematic, parts inventory and wiring diagram for ... that the student was going for a test ride after installing a new high wattage stereo system in his custom 1974 Camaro.

Title:Mid Ocean
Author:T. Rafael Cimino
Publisher:Akula Media Group - 2009-06-24


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