Midday Masquerade

Midday Masquerade

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Thanks to an ancient curse, for Primrose Scott, finding love and not keeping it, could prove deadly. So, Prim chooses to hide behind the fire burning within her, behind her plain exterior and a€œnot interesteda€ vibe. Keeping herself in check, and potential loves at bay, is easy, if less than satisfying, until she meets Lorcan Flynn. Lorcan Flynn loves hard when he loves, without thought and without fear a€“ at least he used to. Left broken from his first wifea€™s defection, Lorcan fled Ireland and settled far away, from Dublina€™s busy streets, in Shute Pond, Wisconsin. It is there he practices his eco-architecture and creates leather masks he is compelled to bring to life by a cloaked woman who haunts his dreams. Lorcan is content in his quiet life, until he meets Primrose Scott. Can two lost people conquer a curse? Can a mask help release their inner desires? With a little push from a long-dead fallen faerie, two interfering demi-faeries, and one Irish father, will Primrose and Lorcan shed their masks and find happily ever after? Will they find a way to conquer fear, open their hearts, and let love in?She found the costuming helped make the classics more appealing to children used to interactive media. It sure made ... She encouraged her children to bring costumes, as well. Most did, even if it was simply a mask, or a hat, or fairy wings.

Title:Midday Masquerade
Author:Leigh Morgan
Publisher:Pen and Sword Publishing, LLC - 2014-10-14


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