Migration : The Biology of Life on the Move

Migration : The Biology of Life on the Move

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Migration is one of the most fascinating and dramatic of all animal behaviors. Historically, however, the study of migration has been fragmented, with ornithologists, entomologists, and marine biologists paying little attention to work outside their own fields. This treatment of the subject shows how comparisons across taxa can in fact illuminate migratory life cycles and the relation of migration to other movements. The book thus takes an integrated ecological perspective, focusing on migration as a biological phenomenon. The work is divided into four parts, each with a brief introductory section. Part I defines migration, gives examples, and places migration in the spectrum of movement behaviors, concluding with a chapter on methods for its study. Part II focuses on proximate mechanisms, including physiology and morphology (and the constraints associated with them), the interactions between migration and wind and current patterns, and the various orientation and navigation mechanisms by which migrants find their way about. Part III on the evolution of migratory life histories addresses the evolutionary and ecological basis for migration and the roles of migration not only in the lives of organisms, but also in the ecological communities in which they live. Part IV is devoted to a brief consideration of migration and its relation to pest management and conservation. As a major contribution to a vital subject, this work will be valued by all researchers and students in the field of animal behavior, ecology, and zoology.Over a 200-kilometer front this would be equal to roughly 50 million migrants on a nighta#39;s passage, assuming an average of 25, 000 ... numbers of three species of butterfly migrating through peninsular Florida and other locations in the southeastern United States. ... vanillae), and the long-tailed skipper (Urbanus proteus)a€” migrate in large numbers at ground level and are relatively large and conspicuous.

Title:Migration : The Biology of Life on the Move
Author:Davis Hugh Dingle Professor in the Department of Entomology and Center for Population Biology University of California
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 1996-01-18


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