Military Police Working Dogs

Military Police Working Dogs

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Army FM 19-35 This 1977 field manual provides a comprehensive overview of the use and training of dogs for military police work. Covering both Scout dogs, Patrol dogs, Sentry and Narcotics detection dogs it clearly outlines the specific tasks, roles, and training techniques to employ dogs in a police or squad support role. The manual goes in-depth on a variety of topics, such as Basic/Advanced detection training, Tracking, Building and Area searches, Sentry employment considerations, and Evaluation Procedures. It will be of interest to anyone utilizing a dog for law enforcement, as a dog trainer or handler.One of the most critical aspects of training is the requirement to teach dogs to discriminate the scent of marijuana and alert on it even when the odor of the substance is partially masked by foreign scents such as alcohol or perfumes.

Title:Military Police Working Dogs
Author:U.S. Army
Publisher:Loose Cannon - 1977-02-18


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