Military Technology

Military Technology

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A soldier carries an explosive device powerful enough to rip apart a heavily armored tank, yet small enough to fit in his pocket. Another wears body armor so safe he doesn't even notice when he's been shot. A pilot flies a jet that is invisible to its enemies. Another pilot prepares to fire laser beams to knock down enemy missiles. What do all these members of the armed forces have in common? They are using military technology tools and machines that protect soldiers and defeat enemies. Learn amazing facts about military technology in this fast-paced glimpse into the future of science.Plate armor is made of solid iron plates. from China was made of ITa#39;S A FACT! ... Yet plate armor pro- tected the knight better than mail. with rope. ... The fabric known as Kevlar, for instance, was first developed to make car tires stronger.

Title:Military Technology
Author:Ron Fridell
Publisher:LernerClassroom - 2007-01-01


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