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An elite member of the kingsnake family, the milksnake is found exclusively in the Americas and has one of the largest ranges of all snakes. Milksnakes by Bryan Engler and Jerry Walls is devoted to this most diverse of snakes, whose color variations in the pet world exceed those found in nature, illustrating how wildly popular milksnakes are with hobbyists. Thanks to milksnakesa€™ hardiness, ease of breeding and feeding, and generally friendly nature, these attractive snakes have few disadvantages for keepers. Theya€™re modestly sized (maxing out at 3 or 4 feet), and their many colorful patterns are undeniably eye-catching, as captured in the photographs of this book. This Advanced Vivarium Systems title includes information about selecting and purchasing a healthy milksnake, housing and maintenance needs, feeding, handling, and health care. A separate chapter on diseases and disorders provides a complete primer on the health needs and veterinary care. The authors discuss fifteen superb milksnakes in the chapter a€œThe Most Popular Milksnakes, a€ from the black milksnake to the Utah milksnake, offering descriptions and color photographs of each. The chapter a€œAlmost Milksnakes, a€ covering six similar kingsnakes, and a fascinating chapter about milksnake hybrids will both prove of great interest to lovers of these friendly snakes. Resources and index included.Security Herea#39;s an important note on security: always make sure your snakea#39;s terrarium has a snug-fitting top with security clips to hold it down. Such clips can be found at most pet shops that stock herp-related items. Remember that snakes areanbsp;...

Author:Bryan Engler
Publisher:i5 Publishing - 2012-01-03


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