Million Dollar Cup of Water

Million Dollar Cup of Water

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How much are your principles really worth? What price is too much to pay? In the abstract these seem like easy questions to answer. On a purely philosophical level, there can be only one response. But, when fighting for what you believe is right causes your foundation to crumble, the answer is not always clear. Adam Smith grew up in an impoverished and deeply religious family. From the agonizing struggle to meet the basic needs of life to the crushing quest for acceptance in adolescence, Adam learned quickly that everything he wanted from life had a high price tag . But, he was not finished learning this lesson. After achieving his dream of being financially secure and successful, Adam discovered the cost to his marriage was a sacrifice he was unwilling to make and walked away from a lucrative career. Finding balance between work and home, Adam settled into a rewarding life with a job he loved and an expanding family that gave it all meaning . . . until he made the choice to stand up for the rights of someone else. His now infamous protest began with the painful renouncement of many of the religious teachings that once formed his world view yet no longer made sense, and ended with the even more devastating surrender of his sense of safety and security. As the journey continues, Adam has found that instead of seeking the ever-moving bar of financial success and approval of others, building the great personal wealth that comes from embracing imperfections and living an authentic life is worth any price.a€œYour employer should focus on your career and not your personal stand for human rights. ... A letter of recommendation from my former CEO was vital in winning this competitive position, as some of the internet comments begged the question as to ... upon me during so many meetings and how he and Vantea#39;s board had approved my largest tranche of restricted stock just two weeks before he fired me.

Title:Million Dollar Cup of Water
Author:Cara Highsmith
Publisher:Adam Mark Smith - 2015-04-02


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