Mind Blowing Decisions

Mind Blowing Decisions

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It all began in 1989, two years after Phyllis graduated high school. Her family was going through so much heartache and betrayal. The man she hoped to marry had gone off to college in Chicago, leaving her to fall into the arms of Robert Upshaw. Robert offers her the security and peacefulness that she didn't seem to be getting at home. Her marriage to Robert took a turn for the worst when tragedy struck and changed his whole world. Meanwhile, her neglected seventeen year old niece falls into the arms of Robert's friend Sonny causing another of many family uproars in this heart-wrenching drama set in the imaginary town of Jonesburgh, Texas.I use condoms and the pill. I even use flavored condoms.a€ a€œFlavored condoms? Why would you want to use a flavored condom?a€ a€œHavena#39;t you ever tasted latex?a€ a€œI know you better be kidding. You cannot seriously be putting that mess in youranbsp;...

Title:Mind Blowing Decisions
Author:Tiffany Haggerty
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-09-01


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