Mind, Consciousness, Body

Mind, Consciousness, Body

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Good news at last; here are new and exact descriptions of the mind, consciousness, body, reality, time, nervous system taxonomy. Feel the stimulation of your curiosity into the ancient questions about the mind-body duality as you plan your research and publication program. How reality and three time dimensions emerge from the mind and consciousness. Easy to understand mathematical definitions of otherwise ambiguous terms. Each of fifty hypotheses will inspire you to publish more than your peers. Introducing all the recommendations you will need to design an experiment or a research project which will propel you to the credible and prestigious forefront of your field. Exact scientific answers to the problem of mind-consciousness-body are easily worth 4 hours of reading. These solutions will kick off your numerous insightful publications. The price of this book will yield massive funding for years of your research. The math is reduced to the bare minimum and is explained in detail so the reader can use it is his own publications. The mathematics is treated as an abbreviated language which is translated into natural language.Hypothetical and Mathematical Description of Mind and Consciousness Emerging from the Nervous System and Body Robert G. Howard Ph. D. ... 68-85) (Dunne 1949) (Dobbs 1967) Less serious attempts, of which there were many, are not cited herein. ... easier to comprehend if the reader is prepared by studying basic geometry, advanced algebra, and elementary vector algebra at the high school level.

Title:Mind, Consciousness, Body
Author:Robert G. Howard Ph. D.
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08


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