Mind Over Metal

Mind Over Metal

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Mind Over Metal is a philosophical and spiritual approach to musical mastery for the aspiring musician. As the first book in The Mystic Art of Self-Discovery series, Mind Over Metal offers deep insights for anyone who wants to unleash their primal essence and achieve mastery in the complex art of music. Derived from the metaphysical beliefs and traditions of Eastern Philosophies, Spiritualism, Shamanism, and the Healing Arts, Mind Over Metal has been crafted in a fashion that will awaken your mind to a deeper understanding of sound and vibrations and how they can be harnessed to transform your musical expression. Whether you are a novice, a pro or even just someone who is passionate about music, Mind Over Metal offers you timeless wisdom that is sure to open your mind and expand your creative vision!You can even get sets now that have a standard set with a heavy bottom string for drop D style tuning. Dropping a whole step down from standard to D, G, C, F, A, D is a common metal tuning, and for this, 11- to 12-gauge strings are the best, anbsp;...

Title:Mind Over Metal
Author:Scott Von Heldt
Publisher:Scott Von Heldt (Lulu Publishing) - 2008-10-01


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