Mind the Screen

Mind the Screen

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Mind the Screen pays tribute to the work of the pioneering European film scholar Thomas Elsaesser, author of several volumes on media studies and cinema culture. Covering a full scope of issues arising from the authora€™s worka€”from melodrama and mediated memory to avant-garde practices, media archaeology, and the audiovisual archivea€”this collection elaborates and expands on Elsaessera€™s original ideas along the topical lines of cinephilia, the historical imaginary, the contemporary European cinematic experience, YouTube, and images of terrorism and double occupancy, among other topics. Contributions from well-known artists and scholars such as Mieke Bal and Warren Buckland explore a range of media concepts and provide a mirror for the multi-faceted types of screens active in Elsaessera€™s work, including the television set, video installation, the digital interface, the mobile phone display, and of course, the hallowed silver screen of our contemporary film culture.The famous case of the release of AOL search engine query data in 2006 made news for its a€œdisturbing glimpse into ... owns a Scion XB automobile in need of new brake pads that is in the process of being upgraded with performance oil filters.

Title:Mind the Screen
Author:Jaap Kooijman, Patricia Pisters, Wanda Strauven
Publisher:Amsterdam University Press - 2008


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