“Minding the Gap” Hitchhikers Guide to the Working World

“Minding the Gap” Hitchhikers Guide to the Working World

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Starting anything new is daunting a€“ it is often fraught with anxiety, fear of the unknown and apprehension. It is also combined with excitement at the prospect of starting something new. Starting a new job for a young graduate is filled with the same feelings of fear, anxiety and excitement. For many graduates, when they have completed their studies they do not know how to apply for a job, what options are available to them or even what to expect in the world of work. It is a journey of discovery and they have to detect and deduce things in this new world as they go. A road map that guides this process is a wonderful tool that can be used to make this experience a little bit easier. This book is an ideal tool for young graduates to use. It not only details options available to the graduate upon completion of the studies, but it also includes the journey that the author embarked upon when she joined the world of work. It is a frank, open and honest account of her experiences and details the emotions that she felt when she joined the workforce. This book is a handy tool that any graduate should keep in their toolkit to assist them as they navigate their way through the world of work. It also ensures that they are not alone in this journey and the emotions, the anxiety and excitement that they feel is all par for the course as they chart the way through the world of work and up the ladder to eventual success. We welcome you to this world and hope that you enjoy the ride! Lee BrittonI understood what the job entailed; the targets werea killer. As much as I was an internal consultant, there was no wayI ... I had to stop going outwith friendsto look forclients. Ihad developed a very solid client base.Igota number of referrals.

Title:“Minding the Gap” Hitchhikers Guide to the Working World
Author:Zama Gamede
Publisher:Partridge Africa - 2014-09-02


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