Mineral Scales and Deposits

Mineral Scales and Deposits

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Mineral Scales and Deposits: Scientific and Technological Approaches presents, in an integrated way, the problem of scale deposits (precipitation/crystallization of sparingly-soluble salts) in aqueous systems, both industrial and biological. It covers several fundamental aspects, also offering an applicationsa€™ perspective, with the ultimate goal of helping the reader better understand the underlying mechanisms of scale formation, while also assisting the user/reader to solve scale-related challenges. It is ideal for scientists/experts working in academia, offering a number of crystal growth topics with an emphasis on mechanistic details, prediction modules, and inhibition/dispersion chemistry, amongst others. In addition, technologists, consultants, plant managers, engineers, and designers working in industry will find a field-friendly overview of scale-related challenges and technological options for their mitigation. Provides a unique, detailed focus on scale deposits, includes the basic science and mechanisms of scale formation Present a field-friendly overview of scale-related challenges and technological options for their mitigation Correlates chemical structure to performance Provides guidelines for easy assessment of a particular case, also including solutions Includes an extensive list of industrial case studies for referenceThis process continues until the additional heat transfer resistance overcomes the advantage of increased turbulence. ... of stable crystalline nuclei and their concretion to a compact fouling layer takes place is also called as induction period, which is ... delay time for particulate fouling are very small [8] in comparison to the fairly long delay time for crystallization fouling [9]. ... The removal rate increases with time for weak deposits and can eventually become equal to the deposition rate.

Title:Mineral Scales and Deposits
Author:Zahid Amjad, Konstantinos D. Demadis
Publisher:Elsevier - 2015-05-21


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