Miniature Mausoleums

Miniature Mausoleums

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Before the artificial intelligence movement of the 1960s, everyone used to dream of a future where robots could do all the tedious tasks we hate. Fold laundry, take out the garbage, boring chores. But no one could have guessed that our synthetic counterparts would one day master intricate surgery, automobile maintenance, and virtually any job that code could be written for. All these advancements should have made life easy. But, as Dante Casio was well aware, mechanical helpers can't fix everything. After years of struggling under the crippling grief of losing his family, he pushes on day by day with the help of his only friend left, Gloria Vale. It seems as if his life will stay horribly stagnant, never moving forward. Until Dante becomes the prime suspect in a recent arson case, and Gloria takes him on the run. Along the way he learns more about himself, his family, and the nature of their robotic helpers than he ever wanted to know.Clutching the stuffed lamb to her chest, it was given a seat in her lap as she moved on to the next gifts. Miko had given her a set of ... From Ismael, a set of origami paper with handwritten instructions and diagrams on a few different things to fold.

Title:Miniature Mausoleums
Author:Anissa Belkadi
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-11-07


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