Minimalist Essays

Minimalist Essays

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The Minimalism Program is many things to many researchers, and there are by now many alternative versions of it. Central to all is the fundamental question: to what extent is the human language faculty an optimal solution to minimal design specifications. Taken as a whole, the volume outlines the main features of Minimalism, its historical and conceptual sources, and provides an illustration of minimalist theorizing by looking at several properties of the syntactic component of grammar. Some contributions concentrate on what kind of computational tools are made available in a minimalist syntactic component, and how the computational system interacts with external and interface domains of the mind/brain. Other contributions specifically focus on direct empirical gains that emerge from adopting minimalist guidelines.Wilder (1991:123, 128a€“9) notes some intriguing but limited counter-examples involving clausal arguments: (i) [For him to be ... (Wilder 1991:123) (ii) *I believe for him to be the top of the class. ... (i) *How easy for the children to tease is John ?

Title:Minimalist Essays
Author:Cedric Boeckx
Publisher:John Benjamins Publishing - 2006-01-01


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