Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces

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When Parker first meets James on a beautiful beach in France, she thinks she's fallen in love. But because he lives so far away in Australia, while she is in New York, she doesn't think they will ever be more than friends. As time passes on, James finds a girlfriend, leaving Parker speechless and hurt. Mid junior year, she bumps into Mark Samuels, a senior, and he starts talking to her after he recently breaks up with his long term girlfriend, but he ends up breaking Parker's heart for longer than she would ever admit. Then college comes around and it's where she thought she had fallen in love again, yet life seems to have decieved her again. So before she graduates with her BA in fashion marketing, she decides to write a list of things she wants to do before she dies. Number one; be the person someone looks up to in their life, be their hero one way or another. So she finds herself on a plane to India to look for anyone who might need her help. When she finally finds a little boy with a deadly sickness, she panics, but tells herself that it's all worth it in the end. As he inspires her to follow her heart and tell the person she is in love with how she really feels, she takes his advice and flies to Australia to find James. Will he let her into his life, say the three words every woman wants to hear, and end up together or will fate take things into its own hands?He expected her to yell or send a sad smiley face, but she acted respectfully mature towards him. ... worsening, Mark said he couldna#39;t speak to her for a long while at least, because Kate would get very mad and he didna#39;t want to cause drama.

Title:Missing Pieces
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-07


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