Mission Mystique

Mission Mystique

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In an era filled with mistrust for big government and big business, Charles Goodsell goes against this grain to draw attention to public agencies admired for what they do and how well they do it. In his groundbreaking new book, Goodsell places renewed focus on organizational mission and its potential to be a strong energizing force in governmenta€”one that animates a workforce internally and attracts admiration and talent externally. He offers a normative template for the mystique that underlies this phenomenon and highlightsa€”in six rich case studiesa€”a driving sense of purpose, a cultural and motivational richness, and a capacity for tolerating dissent while still innovating and learning. Analyzing what works best (and what doesna€™t), Goodsell provides a metric through which agency mystique can be evaluated and modeled. Goodsella€™s fresh take on public agencies not only defines good public administration in terms of ethical conduct, constitutional accountability, and performance effectiveness, but argues that the field must add the crucial standard of institutional vitality.Virginia State Police, a€œState Police Manual, a€ foreword to looseleaf binder, revised March 1, 2008. 20. United States v. Commonwealth of Virginia, 620 F.2nd 1018, April 17, 1980. 21. Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, anbsp;...

Title:Mission Mystique
Author:Charles T. Goodsell
Publisher:SAGE - 2010-10-19


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