Mission Of Gravity

Mission Of Gravity

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Mesklin is a vast, inhospitable, disc-shaped planet, so cold that its oceans are liquid methane and its snows are frozen ammonia. It is a world spinning dizzyingly, a world where gravity can be a crushing 700 times greater than Earth's, a world too hostile for human explorers. But the planet holds secrets of inestimable value, and an unmanned probe that has crashed close to one of its poles must be recovered. Only the Mesklinites, the small creatures so bizarrely adapted to their harsh environment, can help. And so Barlennan, the resourceful and courageous captain of the Mesklinite ship Bree, sets out on an heroic and appalling journey into the terrible unknown. For him and his people, the prize to be gained is as great as that for mankind... Hal Clement's MISSION OF GRAVITY is universally regarded as one of the most important and best loved novels in the genre. The remarkable and sympathetic depiction of an alien species and the plausible and scientifically based realisation of the strange world they inhabit make it a major landmark in the history of hard SF.The next several loads, in accordancewith Barlennana#39;s instructions, consisted of several masts and spars, more rope, anda ... beforea€”very gingerly, since thepieces hadto belifted into positionfor lashing and theold prejudice againsthaving solid objects overhead was present in fullforce. ... the mast levered into positionso that about a quarter ofits length projected over the abyss past the supporting tripod.

Title:Mission Of Gravity
Author:Hal Clement
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2014-12-11


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