Mistress to the Yuvraj

Mistress to the Yuvraj

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Was the first man you fell for a brooding desert prince? Or better still, a cruelly handsome feudal lord? Are you a spirited beauty, your fire containedA‘but only justA‘by the clinging brocade of your lehengaA•s choli? A delicious Kama Kahani is sure to strike your fancy. Devastatingly handsome Rajput lothario Shivendra of Jaigarh has a formidable reputationA‘until he meets his match in bewitching Nandini, the headstrong daughter of an impoverished zamindar from Multan. He decides he must have Nandini as his mistress, but she is determined to resist his indecent proposal, attracted as she is to him. Shivendra is persistent, however, and defies convention to bring them together illicitly. But for how long, and to what end? Through desert sandstorms and Mughal camps, the epic love story of the yuvraj and his impetuous lover unfolds.Her mother had never let her live the embarrassment down. ... Her gaze stopped on an averagely tall man standing with his back towards her. ... a#39;Can a man fly? Can a cat talk? Can a woman ever talk sense? No, the answer is noa€”I have no intention of marrying you However, if you had something... shall we say less stiflinganbsp;...

Title:Mistress to the Yuvraj
Author:Sanyogita Rathore
Publisher:Random House India - 2009


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