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Student tested, faculty approved! MKTG delivers exactly what today's students need - and want. How do we know? We asked. We used feedback from thousands of students and hundreds of faculty to understand how we might build a winner. MKTG offers all the content of a comprehensive introductory text, with fewer pages. Based on student and faculty feedback, extra material has been removed from the print portion and placed on the website. The result is MKTG - a teaching and learning solution unlike any other! NETA Testbank The Nelson Education Teaching Advantage (NETA) program delivers research-based resources that promote student engagement and higher-order thinking and enable the success of Canadian students and educators. This book?s premium testbank is designed to ensure top quality multiple-choice testing by avoiding common errors in question and test construction. If you want your students to achieve qbeyond rememberingq, ask your Nelson Sales Representative how today!John Gaffney, a€œHow Do You Feel about a $44 Tooth- Bleaching Kit, a€ Business 2.0 , October 2001, 125a€“127. 28. ... Statistics Canada, a€œEmployment by Industry and Sex, a€ CANSIM table 282-0008, January 4, 2007; Statistics Canada, Environments , Accounts, and ... toyotaphilosophy.aspx; Elena Eptako Murphy, a€œBuying on Price Alone Can Lead to High Operating Costs, a€, September 4, 2003.

Author:Charles W. Lamb
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2009-04-30


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