Modeling Software Markets

Modeling Software Markets

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As social beings, humans are not living in isolation but rather interact and communicate within their social network via language, meant to convey parts of some conceptualization from the sender to a single recipient or a set of recipients. Communities of agents not only share a common language but also the individual conceptualizations of the world (real and abstract) have to overlap to a significant extent, allowing for efficient reference to whole conceptual structures like qthe German constitutionq, qgame theoryq or qmedical sciencesq. For qsocietiesq of interacting technical devices or software agents the situation is not quite as Babylonian since although these agents are meant to act individually (and also have a private state and private knowledge) in most cases they are designed to refer to one common ontology or standardized protocol and thus do not have to deal with misunderstanding. However, the more these systems become interconnected, the more this situation resembles the one described for societies of human agents even though the misunderstanding might be easier to detect when the different reference ontologies are made explicit and published. Obviously, in both cases standardization of a common language or set of rules for interaction reduces the individual degree of freedom for the sake of compatibility and benefits derived from interaction. In his work, Falk Graf von Westarp addresses the software market as a domain strongly depending on compatibility effects of the individuals' decisions.A Manual and Usera#39;s Guide, Department of Communication, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada, ... / Varian, H. R. (1998): Information rules: A strategic guide to network economy, Boston, Massachusetts. Squire, L. (1973): Some aspects of optimal pricing for telecommunications, in: The BELL Journal of economics and management science 4, 515a€“525.

Title:Modeling Software Markets
Author:Falk Graf von Westarp
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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