Modelling of Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in Rotating Flows

Modelling of Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in Rotating Flows

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This monograph presents results of the analytical and numerical modeling of convective heat and mass transfer in different rotating flows caused by (i) system rotation, (ii) swirl flows due to swirl generators, and (iii) surface curvature in turns and bends. Volume forces (i.e. centrifugal and Coriolis forces), which influence the flow pattern, emerge in all of these rotating flows. The main part of this work deals with rotating flows caused by system rotation, which includes several rotating-disk configurations and straight pipes rotating about a parallel axis. Swirl flows are studied in some of the configurations mentioned above. Curvilinear flows are investigated in different geometries of two-pass ribbed and smooth channels with 180Ad bends. The author demonstrates that the complex phenomena of fluid flow and convective heat transfer in rotating flows can be successfully simulated using not only the universal CFD methodology, but in certain cases by means of the integral methods, self-similar and analytical solutions. The book will be a valuable read for research experts and practitioners in the field of heat and mass transfer.Boundary conditions (5.27) and (5.28) for the functions G0 1a„4 Rex and G1 1a„4 ReX are r-dependent and do not comply ... Self-similar fuctions are Eq. (5.29) (G0 = 0) for a stationary disk and Eq. (5.30) with G1 = const., F1 = const., which imply ... for the velocity components vr and vI† in the middle of the stationary conical diffuser AdvuAž g1a„4g1 1a„4 G1m=r; AdvrAž g1a„4g1 1a„4 ... (5.24)a€“(5.26) and those computed in the work [5] with a help of the method of expansion in the small parameter Re.

Title:Modelling of Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in Rotating Flows
Author:Igor V. Shevchuk
Publisher:Springer - 2015-07-24


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