Modern JavaScript

Modern JavaScript

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Ita€™s time for a current, definitive JavaScript book, and in this comprehensive beginnera€™s guide, bestselling author Larry Ullman teaches the language as it is implemented today. Larry demonstrates how to build upon JavaScripta€™s ease of use, while demystifying its often-cryptic syntax, especially for those who have not programmed before. This book enforces modern JavaScripta€™s best practices and embraces key Web development approaches such as progressive enhancement and unobtrusive scripting. The author demonstrates loads of real-world code and makes it available for download. Youa€™ll learn about JavaScript itself and the relationship between JavaScript and HTML. Next youa€™ll explore variables, common operators, and control structures. Then youa€™ll create functions, handle events, and do more with HTML forms. Youa€™ll master Ajax, work with frameworks, and use JavaScript with PHP to create a complete example. The result is a book that helps you not just tinker with JavaScript but to thoroughly comprehend it. This book includes: Easy step-by-step instruction, ample illustrations, and clear examples Real-world techniques to build your skills Insight into best practices from a veteran Web expert Emphasis on strategies for creating reliable code that will work on all of todaya€™s browsers and devices, even those without JavaScriptBroWSer: Your. frIend, . Your. enemy. Web browsers as you can get your hands on. If everyone accessing a Web site was To use the Web, you need ... In fact, therea#39;s an argument to be made for distinguishing between your default personal browser and your development browser. For example, I normally surf using Safari , then Chrome, but develop in Firefox and Opera (Internet Explorer is for final testing).

Title:Modern JavaScript
Author:Larry Ullman
Publisher:Peachpit Press - 2012-02-21


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