Modern NMR Techniques for Synthetic Chemistry

Modern NMR Techniques for Synthetic Chemistry

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A blend of theory and practical advice, Modern NMR Techniques for Synthetic Chemistry illustrates how NMR spectroscopy can be used to determine the abundance, size, shape, and function of organic molecules. It provides you with a description the NMR technique used (more pictorial than mathematical), indicating the most common pulse sequences, some practical information as appropriate, followed by illustrative examples. This format is followed for each chapter so you can skip the more theoretical details if the practical aspects are what interest you. Following a discussion of basic parameters, the book describes the utility of NMR in detecting and quantifying dynamic processes, with particular emphasis on the usefulness of saturation-transfer (STD) techniques. It details pulseda€“field gradient approaches to diffusion measurement, diffusion models, and approaches to a€˜inorganica€™ nuclei detection, important as many synthetic pathways to new organics involve heavier elements. The text concludes with coverage of applications of NMR to the analysis of complex mixtures, natural products, carbohydrates, and nucleic acidsa€”all areas of activity for researchers working at the chemistry-life sciences interface. The booka€™s unique format provides some theoretical insight into the NMR technique used, indicating the most common pulse sequences. The book draws upon several NMR methods that are resurging or currently hot in the field and indicates the specific pulse sequence used by various spectrometer manufacturers for each technique. It examines the analysis of complex mixtures, a feature not found in most books on this topic. Temperature Considerations The influence of temperature on the appearance of DNA NMR data should be carefully ... Tetramethyl-ammonium chloride (Ia1H = 3.178 ppm) is one such reference standard that is suitable for 1H NMRanbsp;...

Title:Modern NMR Techniques for Synthetic Chemistry
Author:Julie Fisher
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-10-13


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