Modern Surgical Care

Modern Surgical Care

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Completely updated with contributions by world leaders in surgery and the surgery specialties, this reference assists surgeons in the diagnosis and treatment of patients by considering disease as a derangement of normal physiology, thus allowing the surgeon to correlate the appropriate use of laboratory and radiologic modalities. Arranged according to specific organ systems, the book is easily accessible and reflects the impact that scientific discoveries and technical advances have had on our understanding of the physiologic processes in surgical patients.The major differences between DNA and RNA are that the sugar molecule in the backbone of RNA molecules is ribose instead of ... RNA is the only macromolecule known to store and transmit genetic information from the nucleus to the cytoplasm. ... The other three codons do not specify the incorporation of any amino acid but code for the termination of polypeptide synthesis, and are named stop codons.

Title:Modern Surgical Care
Author:Thomas A. Miller
Publisher:CRC Press - 2006-08-15


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