Module 4: Intercultural Communication for Business

Module 4: Intercultural Communication for Business

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INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION FOR BUSINESS, Second Edition, examines the basis for culture, reviewing the work of social scientists, cultural anthropologists, and global managers on this emerging topic. Definitions of culture, issues of cultural change, and how cultures adapt are included, along with practical examples, case studies, and illustrations of how cultural issues are managed both domestically and internationally. Throughout the text, emphasis is placed on understanding eight dimensions of culture: context, identity, learning, environment, change, time, authority, and achievement. The text begins by providing a foundation for understanding cultural perceptions and stereotypes, and then focuses on understanding frames of reference; language codes, symbols, and context; and verbal and non-verbal communication. Next, it highlights issues of cultural identity regarding individual and collective identity, and examines the effects of culture on power and authority. Finally, it provides practical applications for intercultural communication. This book can be bundled or customized with any of the O'Rourke Modules or with any of our best-selling Business Communication books. Cases and solutions will be posted online. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.On any given night, young adults in blue jeans join middle-class families with toddlers and the occasional grandmothera€”her head modestly covered with a saria€”for a chance to chow down on beefless burgers. Here, the Golden ... It makes for quite a paradox. Here is the ... In Manila, the company has a noodle dish. And inanbsp;...

Title:Module 4: Intercultural Communication for Business
Author:James O'Rourke, Elizabeth Tuleja
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2008-03-21


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