Molecular Biology of RNA

Molecular Biology of RNA

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Molecular Biology of RNA is the first student text to provide a broad survey of RNA structure and function. It leads the reader through the life cycle of an RNA, placing particular emphasis on post-transcriptional events - including post-transcriptional processing and splicing - to reveal how hugely diverse gene products stem from a relatively modest gene pool. It also describes how RNA molecules have a range of biological functions beyond that of themessenger RNA, including roles as catalysts and regulatory molecules.Throughout the book, descriptions of our current understanding of the field are augmented with examples of pioneer RNA researchers and their key experiments, demonstrating how we have reached our current level ofunderstanding. Further, boxes illustrate the involvement of RNA in the aetiology of human disease, showing how an understanding of the molecular biology of RNA is central to understanding disease processes and their potential treatment.Molecular Biology of RNA is an essential course text for molecular biology students in the 21st century, capturing the excitement of a field that has changed our understanding of genome function forever.Although RNA and DNA double helices are similar in overall structure, doublestranded RNAs and DNAs form A- and ... Unlike the B-form helix, in the A- form helix the major groove is deep and narrow, making the bases fairly inaccessible foranbsp;...

Title:Molecular Biology of RNA
Author:David Elliott, Michael Ladomery
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2011


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