Moment of Violence

Moment of Violence

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A lawyer travels to Barbados to protect an old friend from a swindle David Payne is only twelve hours from vacation when he gets the fateful summons. Professor John Alison, Davida€™s mentor and most prominent client, needs him to go to Barbadosa€”and if he doesna€™t tread carefully, he may not return. David is charged with checking on a beachfront property owned by the professora€”which an unscrupulous rat named Mike Ludlow is trying to swindle away. The professor is too tired to fight, but his daughter has other ideas. She has snuck away to Barbados, and shea€™s brought the professora€™s gun. David Paynea€™s job is to stop the bloodshed before it startsa€”but he might not get there in time.She was sitting up now, awhiteness showing around her mouthandtension shaping the lines of her neck and shoulders. ... It would do nogood topoint out that with a proper attorney anda wellpreparedcase she might welldraw aprison termanbsp;...

Title:Moment of Violence
Author:George Harmon Coxe
Publisher:Overamstel Uitgevers - 2011-11-08


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