Momma Always Said,

Momma Always Said, "Pay Yourself First"

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Most financial books on saving or accumulating wealth provide strategies and theories that have not been tested or proven. They are just thata€” concepts and ideas of possibilities to come written by some financial guru with a degree or some initials behind their name. However, Herb Phillips shares his past and presents a plain common sense approach that reaps the rewards all of us want. Following his Mommaa€™s simple concept to a€œPay Yourself First, a€ will reward you with a sense of security, control over your financial destination, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams. This is a MUST read for anyone who wants to attain his or her financial goals. Readers entering the workforce and want to ensure they have a handle on how to start a strong savings habit will be richly rewarded by reading this book. The simple tried and proven concepts in this book show how anyone can increase their financial wealth without a large amount of money. A large group of readers may be down and out or just went through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Now you have the information to start fresh to ensure you dona€™t make the same mistakes again. Learn and put the a€œsecreta€ to work for you. Lastly, many readers just want to know how what in the hell is Momma talking about.The real question when saving, therefore, is not whether or not our money will grow, but how fast it will grow. To help answer this, we have the a€œRule of 72, a€œa shorthand method of determining how quickly our money will double at any given anbsp;...

Title:Momma Always Said, "Pay Yourself First"
Author:Herb Phillips
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2006-05-19


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