Money Changes Everything

Money Changes Everything

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The editors of The Friend Who Got Away are back with a new anthology that will do for money what they did for womena€™s friendships. Ours is a culture of confession, yet money remains a distinctly taboo subject for most Americans. In this riveting anthology, a host of celebrated writers explore the complicated role money has played in their lives, whether theya€™re hiding from creditors or hiding a trust fund. This collection will touch a nerve with anyone whoa€™s ever been afraid to reveal their bank balance. In these wide-ranging personal essays, Daniel Handler, Walter Kirn, Jill McCorkle, Meera Nair, Henry Alford, Susan Choi, and other acclaimed authors write with startling candor about how money has strengthened or undermined their closest relationships. Isabel Rose talks about the trials and tribulations of dating as an heiress. Tony Serra explains what led him to take a forty-year vow of poverty. September 11 widow Marian Fontana illuminates the heartbreak and moral complexities of victim compensation. Jonathan Dee reveals the debt that nearly did him in. And in paired essays, Fred Leebron and his wife Katherine Rhett discuss the way fights over money have shaken their marriage to the core again and again. We talk openly about our romantic disasters and family dramas, our problems at work and our battles with addiction. But when it comes to what is or is not in our wallets, we remain determinedly mum. Until now, that is. Money Changes Everything is the first anthology of its kinda€”an unflinching and on-the-record collection of essays filled with entertaining and enlightening insights into why we spend, save, and steal. The pieces in Money Changes Everything range from the comic to the harrowing, yet they all reveal the complex, emotionally charged role money plays in our lives by shattering the wall of silence that has long surrounded this topic.a€œHey, did I tell you how much money I saved on those tax breaks?a€ I sighed. Ia#39;d just learned how much I saved, and let me tell you, ita#39;s much more than any bottle of wine costs. At least I hope it is. a€œYes, a€ I said into the phone. My literary agent is anbsp;...

Title:Money Changes Everything
Author:Jenny Offill, Elissa Schappell
Publisher:Broadway Books - 2007-01-16


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