Monkeys on the Edge

Monkeys on the Edge

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Long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) have a wide geographical distribution and extensively overlap with human societies across southeast Asia, regularly utilizing the edges of secondary forest and inhabiting numerous anthropogenic environments, including temple grounds, cities and farmlands. Yet despite their apparent ubiquity across the region, there are striking gaps in our understanding of long-tailed macaque population ecology. This timely volume, a key resource for primatologists, anthropologists and conservationists, underlines the urgent need for comprehensive population studies on common macaques. Providing the first detailed look at research on this underexplored species, it unveils what is currently known about the population of M. fascicularis, explores the contexts and consequences of human-macaque sympatry and discusses the innovative programs being initiated to resolve human-macaque conflict across Asia. Spread throughout the book are boxed case studies that supplement the chapters and give a valuable insight into specific field studies on wild M. fascicularis populations.We propose that communities approach the issues of managing their human- macaque communities, with peripheral support, ... Engel, G., Hungerford, L. L., Jones-Engel, L. et al. 2006. Risk assessment: A model for predicting cross- species transmission of simian foamy virus from macaques (M. fascicularis) to humans ... Fuentes, A., Kalchik, S., Gettler, L., Kwiatt, A., Konecki, M., and Jones- Engel, L. 2008.

Title:Monkeys on the Edge
Author:Agustín Fuentes
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2011-04-14


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