Montana Vet

Montana Vet

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WHAT SHE NEEDS Emily Miles already has plenty on her plate. She has to care for the dogs she rescues, find staff and volunteers for her shelter, not to mention raise money to keep The Wagging Tail going. So when the new, desperately needed part-time vet starts stirring up her insides, Emily tells herself it's just gratitude she's feeling. She can't jeopardize the shelter by getting involved with Seth Pettit. Seth has his own plateful: a teenage ward who hates him, an estranged family he's trying to mend fences with and a living to make in small-town Montana. Tough but delicate Emily needs a full-time partner, and that just can't be him. Not as a vet or a man. So why does he want to be both?I think hea#39;s gone crazy.a€ a€œDogs often go temporarily blind after a seizure, a€ Seth said, rolling up his sleeves. a€œSome bark andgrowl, too. Let metakea look at him. Then wea#39;ll get himout ofthe kennel, sothat the other dogs willcalm down. Ia#39;ll need aanbsp;...

Title:Montana Vet
Author:Ann Roth
Publisher:Harlequin - 2015-01-01


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