Moonlight Madness / Lucky 13 - Dd#8

Moonlight Madness / Lucky 13 - Dd#8

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Moonlight Madness: They meet on a deserted road as Angel, a damsel in distress, and he a shaggy blond Knight in shiny wrestling tights. Neither realize they both now work at the scandal scarred Damon High School. Angel Fleming Prescott is hired as interim principal at a school so wild teachers moonlight as exotic dancers on weekends. She's determined to bring both students and teachers under control. Little does she realize the Shakespeare quoting English teacher, Jake McCort, tranforms into The Demonator on television wrestling on weekends. Jake is a giant of a man with giant promises to keep that require money. He balks at Fleming's rule of no moonlighting. They begin a grudge match between two very determined people who discover along the way, achievements are empty without love. Lucky 13: To add experience to her Civil Engineer degree Carolyn Creighton takes a summer job as a flagger on a road construction crew in northern Minnesota. The crew consists of two women and twelve men. The thirteenth man is the granite-hard boss, Luke Stanford. Luke runs a tight ship, and to achieve their heavy work-load in a short time, his policy is absolute decorum between the men and women on the crew. Carolyn is forced to agree with LukeAis policy, and tries to treat all the men as equals. Except, it is difficult to achieve this decorum when Luke begins to fall in love with Carolyn.Her cape flowed like a wind blew it when she walked. Fleming was reminded of Darth Vader. The wrestlera#39;s long red hair hung to her ... a€œIta#39;s time we left to make our appearance in West Memphis, boys, a€ the woman said. Actually, it was more a anbsp;...

Title:Moonlight Madness / Lucky 13 - Dd#8
Author:Denise Hawkins Camp, Jillian Dagg
Publisher:Hard Shell Word Factory - 2003-09-01


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