More Curious

More Curious

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From reviews of the hardcover edition: a€œMore Curious begins by making you wonder what kind of book it is, exactly, and ends by reminding you that categories are nonsense when youa€™re enjoying something this much.a€ a€”Jennifer Egan, Pulitzer Prizea€“winning author of A Visit from the Goon Squad a€œMr. Wilsey can write in a range of emotional octaves, moving from the comic to the philosophical to the streetwise with ease, while putting body language on his prose to give the reader an almost synesthetic sense of what hea€™s saying.a€ a€”Michiko Kakutani, New York Times a€œMore Curious captures the dizzying absurdity of contemporary America.a€ a€”Vanity Fair a€œSean Wilseya€™s witty essays from his cross-country adventures form a portrait of the weird side of contemporary America.a€ a€”Los Angeles Times a€œWhen Wilsey is at his best, and he often is in More Curious, his prose has a barely contained energy that makes his work both informative and entertaining. And often, whether his subject is rats or NASA or skateboarding or soccer, that work is provocative and huge-hearted.a€ a€”Alex Lemon, Dallas Morning News a€œSometimes hea€™s funny and self-deprecating and sometimes hea€™s somber; sometimes his scope is as sweeping as our country, and other times ita€™s as narrow as Buzz Aldrina€™s taste in wristwatches. Therea€™s one through-line from beginning to end, though: those careful, thoughtful, perfect sentences.a€ a€”Alison Hallett, Portland Mercury a€œGeneration-defining . . . a welcome chronicle of our age.a€ a€”David Kurlander, San Francisco Bay GuardianThe a€œ900a€ was a moment manufactured for TV. And, like the 900, a lot of current skateboarding is styleless, flourishy, has nothing to do with getting from A to B, which is ... Ita#39;s a Spanish woman, post9/11, accosting a bunch of pro skaters in Barcelona to tell them (per Thrasher), a€œAfter meeting you, I think I agree with the people who say America got what it deserved!a€ It is the joy of practice over performance.

Title:More Curious
Author:Sean Wilsey
Publisher:University of Texas Press - 2015-08-01


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