More Stories to Touch the Heart

More Stories to Touch the Heart

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This book is full of stories, some true happenings, some just good stories. Each of these short devotional lessons are a sermon unto themselves. I have had preachers write and tell me that they use them as sermon starters or for devotional lessons. Mostly they are written with the hopes that they will touch something in your heart and help you in your daily walk with Christ.It is my experience that what those who say this or something like it really mean is simply, aquot;I dona#39;t want to go!aquot; Now ... Much like going to the dentist, you may get the lecture about the need to take proper care of our life if you expect it to end up like you would want, thata#39;s called preaching. At some point you will need to deal with the cleaning process. ... The greatest difference is that the dentist only sees you when you have a problem with your teeth, which he can repair (most of the time).

Title:More Stories to Touch the Heart
Author:Russ Lawson - 2008-02-01


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