More Teacher Friendly Chemistry Labs and Activities

More Teacher Friendly Chemistry Labs and Activities

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Do you want to do more labs and activities but have little time and resources? Are you frustrated with traditional labs that are difficult For The average student to understand, time consuming to grade and stressful to complete in fifty minutes or less? Teacher Friendly:Am Minimal safety concernsAm Minutes in preparation timeAm Ready to use lab sheetsAm Quick to copy, Easy to gradeAm Less lecture and more student interactionAm Make-up lab sheets for absent studentsAm Low cost chemicals and materialsAm Low chemical wasteAm Teacher notes for before, during and after the labAm Teacher follow-up ideasAm Step by step lab set-up notesAm Easily created as a kit and stored for years to come Student Friendly:Am Easy to read and understandAm Background serves as lecture notesAm Directly related to class workAm Appearance promotes interest and confidence General Format:Am Student lab sheetAm Student lab sheet with answers in italics Am Student lab quiz Am Student lab make-up sheet the Benefits:Am Increases student engagementAm Creates a hand-on learning environmentAm Allows teacher to build stronger student relationships during the labAm Replaces a lecture with a labAm Provides foundation for follow-up inquiry and problem based labs Teacher Friendly Chemistry allows the busy chemistry teacher, with a small school budget, The ability to provide many hands-on experiences in the classroom without sacrificing valuable personal time.Slime Obtain 2 graduated cylinders. ... Yes Understanding Slime: The sodium borate cross-links the long chains of polyvinyl alcohol. ... 4) Adding ethylene units together to make polyethylene chains is an example of an/a addition reaction.

Title:More Teacher Friendly Chemistry Labs and Activities
Author:Deanna York
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-09


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