Morning Sun on a White Piano

Morning Sun on a White Piano

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There's a lot of talk these days about slowing down, simplifying, living in the moment, but it isn't really happening. We all talk the talk, but the walk we walk seems to be getting faster and faster, and we seem to be enjoying it less and less. Our problem is that, in search of life, we pass it by. Morning Sun on a White Piano is the perfect tonic for the freneticism of contemporary life. In twelve lucid, straightforward essays, Dr. Robin Meyers offers a brilliant guide to achieving the simple and sacramental life by recognizing what is holy in the seemingly insignificant details of everyday life: Books. Music. Letters. Children. Morning Sun on a White Piano is a book about finding joy in the present, about reclaiming the lost art of living, hearing again, in a culture that has gone deaf; seeing again, in a culture that's blinded; and feeling again, in a culture that overstimulates and numbs itself. If simplifying our lives means singing the song, Morning Sun on a White Piano challenges us to learn the dance. Compact, accessible, gorgeously written, and beautifully designed, here is a book that is a perfect gift for anyone--especially ourselves. From the Trade Paperback edition.I never say to Mrs. Bell, a€œOh, you shouldna#39;t havea€ or a€œHow can I repay youa€ or a€œNo thanks, Ia#39;m on a diet.a€ I say, a€œGod bless ... It serves to remind us, as Marsilio Ficino writes, that friends are those a€œwho live in each others hearts.a€ On a recent trip toanbsp;...

Title:Morning Sun on a White Piano
Author:Robin Meyers
Publisher:Galilee Trade - 2010-08-11


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