Mosby's Over-the-counter Medicine Cabinet Medicines

Mosby's Over-the-counter Medicine Cabinet Medicines

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A reference guide on over-the-counter medications aimed at meeting the increasing demand among health-conscious consumers for understandable, accessible information on drugs approved for over-the-counter use. Information is supplied on the symptoms, a simplified mechanism of action explaining how the drugs work to relieve symptoms and a list of all over-the-counter products available to relieve symptoms. Additional information is provided on side effects interactions and precautions, use in the elderly and in children and use by pregnant women or nursing mothers.How does Nicorette gum work? When you experience the craving for a cigarette, chew a piece of the gum instead. The nicotine is slowly released from the gum, providing your body with the nicotine it wants. How long should I chew the gum?

Title:Mosby's Over-the-counter Medicine Cabinet Medicines
Author:Richard P. Donjon
Publisher:Beechwood Healthbooks, Inc. - 1996-09


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