Mother Tongue, Father Time

Mother Tongue, Father Time

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qAlette Hill's unusually insightful and captivating style, combined with her breadth of interdisciplinary detail, make this an extraordinary book.q -- Wendy Martyna qAn insightful look at the changes taking place in this society, and its reflection in our language.q -- Come-All-Ye Does a women's language -- a different mother tongue -- exist? With wit and a keen critical sense, Alette Hill shows how the language we speak simultaneously reflects social change as it helps create it for the future.See also Womena#39;s language Lady: use as form of address, 90, 97 Lakoff, Robin Tolmach, 5-6, 36, 54, 97, 141-43, 146 n.;)o: on ... See also Generic masculine Master/mistress: as nonparallel usage, 9 Men, xii, 10, 38, 77, 107-108, 127, 128; viewed as children, 99-100. See also Males; Mena#39;s language Men, use of: as generic, 50 Men: An Ownera#39;s Manual (Brush), 94 Men in Groups (Tiger), 112-13 Mena#39;sanbsp;...

Title:Mother Tongue, Father Time
Author:Alette Olin Hill
Publisher:Indiana University Press - 1986


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