Motherhood Smotherhood

Motherhood Smotherhood

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Whata€™s the first thing a woman does when she thinks she might be pregnant? She Googles. And it goes downhill from there. While the internet is full of calming and cheerily supportive articles, ita€™s also littered with hyper-judgmental message boards and heaps of contradictory and scolding information. Babies on Boards takes parents through the trenches of new parenting, warning readers of the pleasures and perils of mommy blogs, new parent groups, self-described a€œlactivists, a€ sleep fascists, incessant trend pieces on working versus non-working mothers, and the place where free time and self-esteem goes to die: Pinterest (back away from the hand-made flower headbands for baby!). JJ Keith interweaves discussions of what a€œit takes a villagea€ really means (hint: a lot of unwanted advice from elderly strangers who may have grown up in actual villages) and a take-down of the rising a€œmake your own baby fooda€ movement (just mush a banana with a fork!) with laugh-out-loud observations about the many mistakes she made as a frantic new mother with too much access to high speed internet and a lot of questions. Keith cuts to the trutha€”whether ita€™s about a€œperfecta€ births, parenting gurus, the growing tide of vaccine rejecters, the joy of blanketing Facebook with baby pics, or germophobiaa€”to move conversations about parenting away from experts espousing blanket truths to amateurs relishing in what a big, messy pile of delight and trauma having a baby is. It turns out those little buggers are more durable and fun than we think they are!or once, I made a special dinner, a meal I call a€œHome Chipotlea€: a cilantro lime rice bowl with homemade corn salsa(not spicy!) and chicken. Chipotle is one ofmy familya#39;s favorite restaurants, so I came up with a way to make a cheaper, slightlyanbsp;...

Title:Motherhood Smotherhood
Author:JJ Keith
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2014-10-14


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