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Explores motion and force, discussing push, pull, friction and gravity.\Wchait; strict-lion? on will need: a#39; Four thick books a#39; A notebook and a#39; A piece of thick Pencil cardboard, a#39; A bath towel about three feet 0 ... and 12 (enough to cover inches (30 Cm) the cardboard) Wide a#39; Sandpaper a#39; A to)a#39; Car (enough to cover a#39; A measuring the cardboard) ... Ifthe hill is covered with rough grass, however, the grass creates a lot of friction and stops the sled from moving. Leta#39;s investigate how different surfaces create different amounts of friction. l 12 inches ( 30 cm) high.

Author:Ellen Lawrence
Publisher:Bearport Publishing - 2013-01-01


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