Mots nous en català / New words in Catalan

Mots nous en català / New words in Catalan

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This is an innovative and distinctive comparative monograph about new word creation in the different varieties of Catalan. In eight chapters, it provides a panoramic analysis of the neologisms documented by the NEOXOC network. Each chapter is dedicated to the qualitative and quantitative analysis, as well as the comparative territorial analysis, of neologisms, differentiated by formation sources: suffixation, prefixation, neoclassical compounding, vernacular compounding and syntagmatic compounding, Spanish loanwords, English loanwords, truncation and semantic change. Two annexes contain the neologisms cited as well as a sample of the data collected by NEOXOC from a corpus during 2008-2010, thus establishing a link with previous studies carried out by the Observatori de Neologia. This book is of interest to scholars of the Catalan language and to anyone involved in lexical neology, or in more specific fields such as morphology or lexical semantics. Moreover, the innovative approach (based on the analysis of diatopic variation in Catalan lexical neology) makes it relevant for those who are interested in the evolution of languages, linguistic variation and language planning. The chapters are written in Catalan, with extensive English summaries.... o despatxar de la feinaa€ una persona (significat neolA²gic), de la mateixa manera que nice i silly de la#39;anglAus han passat de voler dirfeliAs i ... en el cas de la neologia semAnntica el buidatge sa#39;ha fet sobretot de forma manual, a diferAuncia del que sa#39;ha aplicat en la neologia formal. ... forma mAcs global en el projecte da#39; investigaciA³ finanAsat per la#39;AGAUR de la Generalitat de Catalunya 2009 SGR 408, del Grupanbsp;...

Title:Mots nous en català / New words in Catalan
Author:M. Teresa Cabré Castellví, Ona Domènech Bagaria, Rosa Estopà Bagot
Publisher:John Benjamins Publishing Company - 2014-10-15


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