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Mound-builders are unique in being the only birds that do not incubate their eggs using body heat; rather, a variety of naturally occurring sources of heat is exploited such as solar energy and the heat generated by decomposing organic matter. This book shows how this remarkable adaptation influences every part of these birds' lives, including the development of the embryo, the parentless life of the hatchlings, their social organisation and their survival. Twenty-two species of mound-builders exist within the Megapode family. Mound-builders examines the three occurring in Australia: the Scrubfowl in the humid tropics; the Brush turkey in dense forested areas from Cape York to Sydney; and most remarkable of all, the Malleefowl in the arid interior. Scientific interest in these birds has increased considerably in recent decades, and Mound-builders summarises many significant discoveries.With a strong emphasis on conservation and changing interactions between mound-builders and people, this is an excellent Introduction to one of the most unusual bird familles.On average, Brush-turkey eggs weigh 180 g, Malleefowl eggs 173 g and Scrubfowl eggs 126 g, and the average egg length divided by the width is 1.59 for Brush-turkeys, 1.56 for Malleefowl, and 1.62 for Scrubfowl.7 These measurements areanbsp;...

Author:Darryl N. Jones, Ann Göth
Publisher:CSIRO PUBLISHING - 2008


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